Jamis Xenith Comp [2012] - 61cm


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After having a Cube Peloton for a couple of years, picked up this new bike yesterday (think Evans are the only people who sell these in the UK? - Can't fault the service in Liverpool - me and the sales bloke spent quite a bit of time discussing options and then on the turbo trainer adjusting stuff).

61cm frame and fits me (6ft 5 and a bit) great, with seat post near max etc

Looks lovely in the flesh where you can see the carbon weave.


Nearly there

Nice really like it :thumbsup:


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Must admit, I do like Jamis and I was pleased when a UK seller picked them up.

I hope you enjoy your new ride bornagainst :smile: .


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Just as an update... Still a lovely bike and a few thoughts after 6 months (about 100m per week on this bike)

The white bar tape is now brown / mud / black and looks pretty disgusting.

I took the wheels off this bike and put them on my winter bike (cube peloton) and put Mavic Aksiums on this. Just a slightly nicer set of wheels, and also gave a chance to remove the Vittoria Zaffiro? tyres, which were fast but cut up pretty quickly with something a bit more sturdy - Michelin Pro4 Endurance.

I replaced the cassette, a 12-25 with 12-28. That 34x28 lowest gear does make a difference over 34x25 when the roads get really steep.

And finally, despite the 300mm seat post being at maximum, after a couple of months it just didn't feel quite right somehow, so rather than over extend it, I picked up an almost identical 400mm post and this gave the extra 5-10mm I was really looking for.

It's had 1 service from my LBS after something I couldn't quite pin down was clicking - only slightly. Possibly the bottom bracket, but he tightened / fixed and it's been fine since.

Good solid bike, and well worth the money despite the extra few quid spent on my optional changes..
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