The first time i saw it,i did for sure,but iv seen it that many times now,still a good film though.


I did.

It was at my grans house and it was proper scary. I've not seen it since.
Those films have put serious doubts in my mind about swimming in open water or any water I can't see the bottom of ever since.
I'm a very strong swimmer and I use the fear as training when in open water.




Relaxed in front of it last night, luvverly stuff every bit(e) of it! OK OK I know I've seen it more times than you've had fish'n'chips..... Amazing how they could pull off such stuff with nothing more than the odd animated plastic dummy - no CGI in them days! (eat your heart out - and various other parts of your respective anatomies - Harry Potter, LotR & co.!)

Of course any self-respecting icthyologist wants to lean over and puke when they see it ... and not on account of the human head popping up in the wrecked boat ...
I cacked myself at the leg and training shoe scene, too!

And I still suffer from swimming at sea and tortue myself with a 'what if' thought!

Also had two very unpleasant shark-related experiences in Australia! xx(
One was VERY close, I didn't shoot myself cos my body went into shock! :wacko:
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