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  1. Maggot

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    I have booked us in for an Easter Tour of Jersey, so I have something to aim at in my rehab.

    Has anyone any experience of cycling on Jersey? We will be staying in the YHA, and looking for daytrips, maybe up to 20-30 miles or so. Minimaggot will be self-propelled, and miniermaggot will be on the trailer-bike.

    Any tips and suggestions, beaches, must visits etc?
  2. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Permission to post a weak 'Cycling Jersey' joke sir?
  3. Bigtallfatbloke

    Bigtallfatbloke New Member

    Gerald Durrel zoo...worth a trip...well it was 20 years it still there?
  4. Cathryn

    Cathryn California Correspondant

    I loved the zoo when I was 11, saw GD himself. I'd also hunt out a jersey cow with a bell, eat lots of cream and watch reruns of Bergerac to prepare!!
  5. OP

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    The youth hostel is new, and is actually the building where they filmed Bergeracs offices!! I'll get some re-runs to watch:biggrin:
  6. mcd

    mcd Well-Known Member

    Cycling: network of lanes with 15mph limit & sign posted cycle routes (route numbers, distances destinations etc). Can be used to go to (or near) most of the places you'd want to go to (but hilly in places). Bike hire from Zebra cycles, Boudains (St Helier) is probably the best bike shop for spares & repairs.

    Tips - off the top of my head in an anti-clockwise direction: the Pembroke Inn on the other side of the golf course from Gorey (below the Youth Hostel), restaurant at Ransoms garden centre (5mins walk from YH), Houge Bie for a bit of history, The Royal in St Martin (a bit further up the road), the Zoo's still there (but they're too PC to call it a Zoo), The Hungry Man at Rozel for lunch, North coast path, hire a canoes and visit the caves on the north coast, Plemont beach is the best one (no car access! best leave your bikes at the main carpark at the top & walk the hill) and the cafe there is good, as is the North Point restaurant at the junction to Plemont, Petit Greve de lec is a nice wee beach off the main one, cycle on the 45 degree wall around a WW2 gun emplacement by the racecourse at Grosnez before getting so dizzy you fly off into the gorse, full english breakfast at Big Verns halfway down the St Ouen (pronounced Saint Wans) beach (be early to get a table & avoid the queue), WW2 bunkers & causeway at Corbier lighthouse, the cycle track along the old railway line from Corbier to St Helier, best beach on the south coast is at the Ouaisne (promounced Wayney) - opposite end of the bay from St Brelade where everyone goes to but is quieter & has the Smugglers Inn, Portlet common and Noirmont good for a wander (and the Old Portlet Inn), St Aubin for eating out (the Court House), Gunsite area of St Aubin's Bay, German War Tunnels for more WW2 history, snigger at all the Porche and Ferraris etc subject to a speed limit 40mph, daytrip to France or Sark, the outdoor pool/lido at Harve des Pas, Guided walk through the rock pools to Seymour Tower, and then back to the Pembroke. There's other stuff that will probably interest the minis more (eg Amazin' Maze) - but as there aren't miniMcDs I'd have to get back to you on that one if you want to know. Oh yes, and you can come and watch - or un-hitch the trailer bike & enter - the Easter Stage Race:
    20-Mar Thr 6:30pm Watersplash Jubilee Hill Climb
    21-Mar Fri 8:00am Watersplash Road Race
    22-Mar Sat 8.00am Red Houses Island Games TT (short course)
    23-Mar Sun 8.30am Les Quennevais Track 30/60 minutes
    24-Mar Sun 8:00am Bal Tab Road Race

    Or you could just bring a couple of books.
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