Jodrell Bank Summer Sportive


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Yeah me and a mate are gonna give it a crack. Well organised group who put it on


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I was going to enter but found out the olympic road race is the same day :sad: There's a big screen there apparently though. I'm wondering if I can do a likely lads and avoid the result if I sky plus it :smile:
Several of my mountain biking mates and me are going to do it, but we won't be signing up until the Thursday before as riding 100miles in the rain just because you've paid is no fun at all.
It's a flat(ish) route an 8am start at a good speed we'll be back from the 100miler for 2pm giving us time to even drive home to watch the end of the race.
Only saw this recently, did the 25mile route earlier in the year as my first sportive (which ended up as 30 miles after a missed turn...). Thinking about doing the 65 miles with a friend who'll be coming up from Devon.
Just bumping this up as the weather looks like it might be ok.

There are half a dozen of us who are signing up later this week (just incase)


BB wrecker
Will more than likely sign up on the day but thursday is the online cut off so got a bit of time to decide
My mate is having mechanical problems, so if he doesn't sort it out by tomorrow night I may ride locally, save £30 and use the travelling time to add in a few extra miles on the bike.
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