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Quick links that are supplied with the chain.
Kmc chains with supplied quicklink. Only had a quicklink fail once in many chains and many thousands of miles and that was on a new bike within a hundred miles so I strongly suspect some wrong-doing during initial installation at the factory (but not sure how it could be done wrong as it is stupidly simple to fit?)


Quick links although sometimes I call them Slow Links.

Also just use the chain splitter to re-join them on my 1/8th chains.

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.....until exactly three weeks ago my ICE Adventure had approx. 2.5 x SRAM PC971 joined with three quicklinks.
Then, whilst climbing a steep hill, I changed down to the granny on the front, and heard a "zzzzping" before coming to a halt.
One of the quicklinks had come apart; I found one half on the road just behind me, but not the other. And to my dismay, the repair kit had neither a replacement quicklink, nor a chain splitter tool.
"Necessity is the mother of invention": a D-lock's steel cable (one end wrapped around the front derailleur post) acting as a tow rope makes the "walk of shame" home slightly less uncomfortable. :sad:

I had to clean the chain before refitting - I've also reduced the quicklink count to one. Oh, and there's a quicklink and a chain tool in the repair kit now........

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I went to quick-links when I moved to 10-speed. However, I inadvertently shortened the current chain to the wrong half-link, thought soddit, and joined it the 'traditional' way (with care). It's lasted over 2000k so far.
Forget where, but recently read a thread about how modern ‘narrow gauge’ chains designed for blocks with more that 5 or 6 cogs cannot be safely connected with a chain tool. This is because they use a different style of riveting that is damaged by removing the rivet. Some can be ‘re-peened’ using a special tool, but you need to know which makes/models this is OK for.

Conclusion: the only safe method for 9 speed and up is to use quick links, (and don’t forget most of these are ‘one-shot’ only and should not be re-used).

An alternative, if you can find it, is to have your chain cut to length from a bulk reel (some bike shops can do this) and use just a single link.

<Safety note ends>
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