Just got back from watching the Halfords Tour in Peterborough

....and chayzuz, my respect for cycle racers has just shot up about 150%!!!! Wheel-to-wheel along narrow, bumpy city pavement and road, skimming the edges of buildings and spectator handrails, whilst battling with each other for position:eek:
My gob is well and truly smacked, my gast thoroughly flabbered! Sorry I can't tell you who won, I got there after the start (straight from work) and couldn't hear the commentary 'cos the music being played for 'atmosphere' was to ruddy loud!!!:smile:
Definitely mark that on my calendar for next year :ohmy:


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Doh, I was going to go and have a look at this. I forgot :blush:.

Whereabouts did you stand? In the square? Was there many people there?
Started off at the ped crossing, bottom of Bridge Street and made my way along to Cathedral Square. Wish I'd gone out to the top of Cowgate, the pics in the ET show Id've had a cracking view there.


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Popped along for the atmosphere myself:tongue:

Nowhere near as many spectators as last year and dissapointed there were
no stalls from local LBS or the trade. Just the usual Halfords and Endura ...such a missed opportunity. Is it the same at other venues ?

Did a lot of riders drop out by half way...the field seemed to thin right out at one stage :biggrin:

Good stuff anyway.
Sorry to hear that Vike, thought I might see you there, forgot about the ribs. As per, there are plenty of people coming out and saying why did they bother, pointless watching a group of cyclists no-one knows going round in a circle for an hour etc etc etc. Typical Peterborough attitude, someone tries something new and it's never any good!
Watched it back on TV tonight, really doesn't convey how fast they were going.
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