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Scientists proved that eating any kind of animal gave you cancer or another life long illness that k

  • STOP eating them straight away !

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  • Well, I like it so I'll keep on until I drop...

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mickle said:
I thought they had proved that eating red meat gives you cancer. Not bothered though, haven't eaten the flesh of a corpse for well over twenty years.
Me too. I chase after animals, tackle them and eat them alive.:tongue:


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I'd stop. Scientists know their shoot.

I might start chain smoking to fill the void it left though.
I'd stop eating meat and lock myself in my house. My only form of recreation would be sitting in the corner of a room reading, gently rocking back and forth.
Of course I wouldn't stop eating meat. It's delicious and any increased risk of getting cancer has to be weighed against the pleasure that eating it brings. Nutritionalists are in serious danger of making people go "yeah, whatever" whenever they say anything if they carry on with all this scaremongering research we've been hearing about recently.
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