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haha have sussed how the boards work now! I posted my "hello" in reply to someone's thread where it's unlikely to be noticed :blush:, so second time lucky!

I live in Hull. I've cycled all my life but just to commute and get about really, and on heavy traffic-filled roads. We love walking and so I never really thought I'd enjoy cycling instead. But this summer my husband and I spend 10 days on a cycle tour in Bavaria with Bavarian friends, on borrowed bikes with borrowed gear, and enjoyed it so much that we came home and invested in a couple of touring bikes and some panniers. We already love camping, so we're planning to do a few shorter excursions to learn more about cycle touring and maybe head over the North Sea to cycle in the Netherlands or Belgium for a holiday.

welsh dragon

Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
Hello. Welcome to the forum. :welcome:


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Welcome to the website.
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