Just release my first single and video. What do you think?


Corn Fed Hick...
...on the slake
Hey sexy lady!

Yeah, that's great TVC, well done. Fab.

I did actually watch it all, quite entertaining really - mental, but entertaining.


To my taste, rubbish, but I wish you well with it. If we all liked the same thing it would be a boring old world.

Night Train

Maker of Things
What a way to be woken up this morning!

Not my sort of thing at all, but very good! I didn't understand it but it was entertaining and, I guess, well executed. :thumbsup:

I did watch it all with the volume turned up!:music:


SW London
I thought it was great :thumbsup:

A bit LMFAO, a bit Bollywood in places, excellent video, catchy club tune. Looked pretty professional to me, I wouldn't have been surprised to see that on a video channel.

So I have to ask too, is that you?
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