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After spending years sharing bikes with the children, I fianlly bought somthing that fitted me and found that I actually enjoyed cycling far more than I thought. My first - a Carrera Subway was, and still is an excellent bike, being a MTB hibrid it is extremely comfortable on the many bad road surfaces in our local lanes. Have now upgraded to the much lighter and extremely sporty Boardman Hybrid Team - excellent bike although a lot harder on the bum! Both purchases from Halfords mainly because of locality and no complaints so far, although the the Boardmen sale nearly did't go ahead when I had to deal with a very unenthusiatic young assistant who took twenty minitues to find out how to open the security chain, and then realised I actually knew more about the bike than he did.
Have just had the first 6 week service ( about 400 miles) and realise that the rear cassette isn't changing as efficiently as it did before the service !! Good old Halfords

That just reconfirms folks impressions about Hellfrauds; the bikes are good and VfM too but some of their staff are terrible.


Milton said:
... and then realised I actually knew more about the bike than he did.
Your assistant was possibly brighter than most if he did at least realise this. Most I've dealt with aren't even that aware.


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At my local Halfords there's one lad who is very good. He is a cycling enthusiast himself and takes a pride in what he does. Unfortunately the rest of the staff don't share his knowledge or enthusiasm.
I still think that Carrera and Boardman bikes are excellent value for money though and I would quite happily buy another bike from them as long as they didn't open the box that it came in.
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