Kalkhoff Pro Connect (electric assisted)


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Like this one: http://www.50cycles.com/pro-connect-spec.php#page=page-1

Leicester based. Bought last year and used for local shopping runs only by our father who has since passed away.

I think the frame is the largest, but can find out hopefully tonight and post here.

Excellent condition.

Also available: Yakkay cycling helmet - like one of these, but I didn't look inside the case tbh! Come on - you know you want one!

Any interest - post here and I'll find out more and post here for you.

The cycle is held at my sister's home in Leicester.


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Sorry - missed out the link for Yakkay helmet - not to be missed!


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Additional information

OK - here it is:

Kalkhoff Pro connect e-series, 8 gear block, li-ion mnbattery, bought 05 Feb 2010, full handbook, also 2 year warranty (in German).

Seat tube top to BB: 17 inches. Bike listed at £1695.

My sister has been in touch with the supplier (50 cycles as above link) for a copy of the receipt so all above board.

There is also a cycle helmet, E.Motion, cas co size S-M. sister thinks this is listed at £399! Must be good.

Both items collect from seller.

Any interest, please post here or PM me.



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Hello there, and I am sorry for your loss.

Is the bike still for sale? If so, what sort of price are you looking for?

And could you tell me how tall your late father was? (Disabilities mean that Kalkhoff's usual method of measuring frame size doesn't work very well for me).


Allen, London.
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