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Incident on the commute this morning. I was barreling round a corner on the redway when I passed by a guy with his bike laid down and he looked like he was screwing something into the rear hub. The good cyclist in me said 'stop and help', then another part of my brain said 'but you'll be late' by which time I was already 30m away down the road, and so in the end I just carried on. Now for the rest of the day I have been worried about bad Karma. Suggestions on how I can absolve myself from this terrible sin would be appreciated. Flogging myself with a rusty chain, riding 50miles in barbed wire undercrackers for example.


You could start off by wearing a shirt with "BMW/Audi/Van drivers are nobbers" written on the back?


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Just go and chuck your spare innertube into the back of a passing tipper lorry then stick a nail into one of your tyres when you are exactly equidistant from work and home! This will restore the balance of the universe and your karma in the least painful way, then all will be well...... you hope!
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