Karrimor Bar Bag Restraining Wire

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by Danny, 24 Mar 2008.

  1. Danny

    Danny Legendary Member

    I have a much loved Karrimor Bardale bar bag.

    Unfortunately, owing to a recent over-tightening incident :?: the restraining wire that helps keeps the bracket in place has been damaged.

    Does anyone know where I could get a replacement from, as Karrimor seem to have completely pulled out of doing bike bags? Presumably there is nothing special about the bit of wire, but I am not sure where you would go to get an equivalent piece. Would electrical wire do the trick?
  2. rickangus

    rickangus Über Member

    west sussex
    I also have one of those barbags and have replaced that cable many times over the years.

    As a quick fix you can use a length of old brake cable which I think is a little thicker that gear cable - it doesn't actually need to be very strong - and that works just fine.

    But if you want to get some 'better' stuff - though I doubt it will make any functional difference - you need to get some "cable rope", preferably plastic coated.

    I have in front of me, at this very moment, a fantastic example of such wire, just what I'm looking for in a longer length but can't for the life of me recollect where it came from. A friend suggested Scats and I intend to take a look there this week. If I find some I'll let you know.
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