Kickstand for Pendleton Somerby


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Bought a Pendleton Somerby from Halfords yesterday for my daughter to get to college.

We thought she wouldn't need a kickstand but, inevitably, she phoned me this morning to give me a fistful of reasons why one will be essential!!

The Pendleton Somerby has a position on one of the the rear chain stays which has a flat profile and has two screw locations, I presume this is intended for a kickstand.

Called in to Halfords and it seems they don't do one specifically for that model - which seems a bit odd as I thought this was a Halfords-specific bike.

The ones they had that have a pair of plates that bolt, centrally, on to the frame near the pedal cranks, but I reckon that is a compromise and it will wobble about.

I can make measurements of the screw-hole spacings when daughter gets home this evening, but thought I would ask if this is likely to be as standard size and how I go about getting a stand. A quick search on Google shows up some possible contenders, but their descriptions are so short as to not give me enough info. to be confident to purchase.

I wonder if a centre stand, on the rear wheel, would be more appropriate. I think it might enable my daughter to attend to getting her books on/off the bike more easily, or sorting out the chain etc, but I have no idea if it would be likely to foul a bike rack at college if she is trying to padlock rear wheel to the rack

Many thanks for any advice / suggestions.

Photo of bike / pedal cranks: [link]
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