Kids say the funniest things......

We are in the middle of three weeks of schools roadshows for Lewisham council, a school a day for 16 days, and jolly good fun it is too. Tigah our dreadlock rasta presenter was rather put off his stride when a little girl kept interupting to correctly identify every bike on our video, 'Thats a tandem, my Daddy has a tandem..... thats a racer, my daddy has a racer... etc. When a clip of the TdF came on she piped up; 'Thats the Tour de France, my daddy did that on his Brompton!' Tee hee.

And the little Muslim boy who when asked why the he thought we let the girls go first stated, totally seriously; 'Because females are completely worthless.' WTF!?


He might have done it on a Brompton - can't say I'd want to struggle up Cols on mine I have to say.
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