Kinesis Racelight amazing bike.


Having had and ridden my Kinesis for some weeks now I thought I would share my thoughts...There was a review some 4 years ago on the original tk frame and it seemed to offer everything in a bike I versatility and more importantly secure handling
My commuting bike before the tk2 was a Giant Defy with 105...I still have and I still is excellent also handles well...but there is something missing that the tk2 puts a big grin on my face^_^
I had my tk2 built up with campag veloce groupset, which I personally prefer to the shimano 105 and on my first ride I was instantly impressed by its sureness, comfort and handling....this is one baby that is a joy to ride. On the bikes first proper clean/wash I turned it upside down and to my utter disappointment I noticed a bad dent in the frame...where or how it happened I do not know

I was not happy and did not blame my LBS or the manufacturer...all I know is that I did not cause this damage but I sure was disappointed. My LBS (Webbs Warmely Bristol) said that if I decided to buy a new frame, at cost, they would build again for free (transfer all bits over etc) and sell the old frame in their shop (where it is now) I went ahead (you must remember i love this bike!) and waited some 5 weeks for the build to be complete. I started riding it again some 3 weeks ago and on my first week covered some 135 miles commuting to and from Bristol...but adding in extra miles as this a lovely machine to ride....but would you believe it...this Wednesday evening as I was returning home, and chatting to a fellow runer I met along the way, my bike wheel skidded on some mud (for those of you who know Bristol the left of the entrance at the Vue complex) and went down hard on my left friend beside said are you all right and hey thats a nice bike!...was it still nice I hear you say:ohmy: Well the only real damage was the wheel skewers which was marked/scored (but I have since replaced) and the frame appears perfect...the might be a stone chip at the back but it is 99% perfect...lets be honest I was going to fall of the bike at some stage (snow/ice/mud/leaves/pedestrian/ of them will get you finally) but it's a pit it had to happen so soon after having the bike back from a frame replacement. I actually ended up with scuffed legs and a badly bruised bad I had to take yesterday and today off work ( watching Bradley and Cav at the tdf had nothing to do with it^_^) So having cleaned the bike up, replaced the skewers re-oiled etc...I set out this morning on a little 20miler before watching Cav startle us with an amazing finish at the tdf. To end this little story I just want to say I love this bike, I love riding it, it handles like a dream and whatever scrapes and adventures are ahead of us you can be assured that me and tk2 will remain friends and life long cycling companions:highfive:


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Bristol, England
Hi Runner,
Cracking review.
Would you mind giving me some advice regarding this bike please.
I used to have the older version of this frame, which is the Racelight TK which was stolen from Bristol city centre.

I have always felt that the head-tube was a little too short/racy for me.
I hear that the new TK2 is about 2cm taller at te head-tube.

I have test ridden a Giant defy, and know that I can cope going about 2 cm shorter on the head-tube.
I how much difference is there between the Giant Defy and Kinesis RL TK2 in terms of head-tube?


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Bristol, England
Many thanks boydj, but ive previously visited both sites.
I am aware that for a given size, the head tube of the defy is quite a bit taller than that of the tk2.
I am also awar that the tk2 has quite a few spacers atop the steerer tube.

My question to runner is.... Can you please tell me if it is possible to get the same handlebar height on the racelight tk2 as you would ride on the giant defy?
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