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The question is too open without more info - It really depends on the type and quality of the skateboard ones.

You don't really need them at all, unless indulging in some of the high risk downhill or gravity disciplines.


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Hmmm. The pads I have are medium quality skateboard pads. Maybe even low end, they came as a gift. But seem to serve me pretty good on skateboard falls

and I’m just starting out mountain biking .I want to take it light.

but I know me. I started motorcycleing to work to save gas, ended up racing.

started Mma as a hobby to stay in shape after the army. Ended up with 8 pro fights

what I really want to know.... is there a huge difference between them and is one more protective than the other

when we were broke and young a friend of mine would use mountain bike pads skateboard ing. It worked ok... so soon the small bumps fine . But the big air ones you kinda want to slide and his had no slide to them. And would often be knocked out of place with a big spill. Still greatly reduced the damage vs no pads


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My experience is that non cycling pads tend to slip too much. I had a pair of general sport knee pads, they were fairly inexpensive, but when riding in them they didn't stay in position. I bit the bullet and bought a pair of Fox enduro pads circa £50 and they are great. Barely notice I have them on. The specific pad you need depends on what type of riding you are doing though. Enduro pads wouldn't be good for rocky hardcore downhill racing but are fine for trail centres xc etc.
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I have a pair of the IXS Flow pads(Size -S) that I no longer want - they have only been used a handful of times. If you want them I will happily part with them for £20 - send me a message if interested
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