Knock me da'n wiv a fev'er!


The frogette and me have had a long week end in the West Country. So, there we are at the Eden Project and sweating like pigs in the Tropical Rain Forest dome. It 'aint 'arf 'ot Mum! I'm taking in the biofuels exhibit and I can hear Ray Mears' voice exlaining the exhibit. 'Nice touch' thinks me, getting Ray to do a commentary on the exhibits. Turns around and the man, himself, in person, is stood right behind me giving this bloke a personal tour of the place. :smile:

Wonder how much that cost :ohmy:
I sat next to a bloke on the plane from Exeter to Malaga in July who's good mates with Ray Mears. Apparantly on his return from BBC postings to the wilderness after showing his skill on surviving on whatever 'food' is available, old Ray invades the nearest McDonalds with great gusto! :smile:


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Dayvo said:
old Ray invades the nearest McDonalds with great gusto! :smile:
Yebbut, he probably butchers the cattle himself, with his barehands, out the back of the shop & makes the mince himself by chewing on the raw meat...

.. he's well'ard, that Ray Mears.

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I had to laugh when we had the last major foot and mouth / mad cow disease scare. The maccadees down the road from us had a big banner saying "NO BRITISH BEEF IN OUR BURGERS".
I didn't think their burgers had ever contained any beef, British or not.

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andy_wrx said:
McD have succeeded in turning best prime beef into sh*te
Well, anyone can do that. Usually after ingesting it though, not before
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