Knog Gloves

Steve Austin

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Not sure they are for General release yet. if ever

John the Monkey

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Yorkshiregoth, Knog are now distributed in the UK by Moore Large.

I've emailed their sales email, and they've promised to send me a list of local stockists (they confirmed that they are planning to distribute the "Love/Hate" gloves in the UK). Might be worth dropping them a line if you're still interested yourself.

Edit: Just got my reply, they're not getting the first shipment of gloves until April, apparently.


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I got em I got em I got em!

I bit the bullet after getting sick and tired of waiting for the lame UK distributor to stock them and ordered direct from Australia lst week, they arrived today and they're fab! Snug, lovely and soft, look camp as hell and cost a small fortune but... :smile: I HAVE KNOG LOVE HATE GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!


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