Know Any Good Maintenance Books?


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I generally use the internet, sites as already mentioned. I've also got and old Rand McNally book which is handy for older bikes and I got the Park Tools book for my birthday, which was nice! :sad:


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I have Zinn and come back to it occasionally, but I also use steaming videos as a lot of others do


I picked up a copy of "Illustrated Bicycle Maintenance" for road and mountain bikes by Todd Downs for £4.99, full price £16.99 from a clearance book shop in Hull and its the best book in my collection, far better than the Parks book. What makes it so good I find is that, it as it states, its well illustrated for all the jobs you need to do, not just one picture, but broke down with several of all the stages. Plus on top of that there is plenty to read with over 1000 tips, tricks and techniques.


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If you want the ultimate bike maintenance book the Barnett Bicycle manual is the one.
It is floating around on the interweb in PDF format. I'll say no more if you know what I mean.
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