Kona Kord?


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Ho guys, bit ot but does anyone know if this is a make of KONA bike? If not why would it have KORD written on it. Its blue and white and has rock shoks on it. A cop i know has asked me as one of his local scrotes is riding round on it and hes pretty sure its stolen but it isnt on his computer as stolen. I said i would try and find out.

thanks andy


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not a model in the Kona range from what I can see.

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Not a model of Kona that i have heard of.. Lots of blue and white Kona's tbh and it could be any of them..

You sure its not a sticker for KORE? KORE make MTB components


kona did a colin mccrae limited edition bike a few years ago, i think it had the ford logo on it too
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