Kristina Vogel

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by vickster, 27 Jun 2018.

  1. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

  2. Fingers crossed for her.

    One of my biggest memories of the last olympics was her winning having broken her saddle.
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  3. Crackle

    Crackle Pah

    That's grim, doesn't sound great either, let's hope it works out well.
  4. Bollo

    Bollo Chaaaaaa!

    Shizzle, only just picked this up! The report is a bit short on detail but it doesn't sound great. GWS.
  5. OP

    vickster Legendary Member

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  6. ColinJ

    ColinJ Hillfinder General

    Aaargh! It is amazing that this doesn't happen more often when you see some of the horrid crashes that they have ...

    I hope that she makes a full recovery, but spinal injuries are always very bad news.
  7. Shortandcrisp

    Shortandcrisp Senior Member

    If it’s just a matter of broken bones, chances are she’ll make a slow and painful, but full recovery.
    If however, the injury has impacted the spinal cord in any way (as my Consultant told me the spinal cord is little more than a strip of toothpaste protected by a very strong skeleton), then it’ll more than likely prove life changing unfortunately.
    Best wishes to her in either event for the best recovery possible.
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