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I am 58,been back on a bike a few weeks.Last week I did 12 miles a day,18 yesterday & 2 12 milers today.Still now power to get up long inclines & over bridges.Am I expecting too much too soon?Overall ,my time for the 12 mile route is coming down,bit harder on the second one today.
Diabetic smoker,if that makes any difference.


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Keep doing what you're doing and you will build stamina which increases power up hills as well.

Try to knock smoking on the head though - the more oxygen you get into your system the more you'll be able to get to your muscles and the faster you'll go.


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I always thought it took 4-6 weeks for any training benefit to come through.
So any improvement (if any) at present is because your getting used to it.
It will happen. :smile:


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It takes a while to get your body used to the changes it needs to make to develop the muscles to give you more power. Once it's got the idea it can adapt quickly.

The diabetes won't be a problem, but the smoking will certainly have an impact. As said, the ability for your body to get oxygen into your blood stream will most likely be very impaired by it. The less oxygen the more starved your muscles will be. This is also going to be the case with a non smoker to start with as the respiratory system won't be fit, but a non smoker is much more likely to respond to training faster than a smoker.

It's as good a time as any to quit! And think of all the ££££ you'd have spare for bike stuff!


You need to have a rest day now and again to allow your body to recover and build new muscle.

Keep up the good work and try to cut back on the fags - you'll notice the benefit very quickly.


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Those are good distances for a starter. What are you riding?

As others have said, quit the cigs. I am sure your doctor has told you many times, but smoking and diabetes are a very bad combination (especially if you have high blood pressure and cholesterol too which are common with both the diabetes and the fags)

Good luck :smile:
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