Ladies out there .


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It's our 20th Wedding Anniversary today .We have been out to Harwood House ,Harewood ,Leeds .For a walk and a Latte.

Now my wifey wants me to find her a lightweight hybrid bike ,so at the moment i have found a Trek 7.0 .

Can anyone give me some help ?

To beat that .

Towpath and light woodland trails along with tarmac naturally .


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South Manchester
Have a shufty at some of the Decathlon bikes (that is if you have one nearby)


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Meanwood, Leeds
Have a look at Decathlon.

I have a Decathlon hybrid that I bought in France and is good enough to tour on.

The exact model is no longer available but something similar is. Let me know and I'll pop down with it so that you can see the quality of build.

Here is the current ladies' equivalent of my hybrid. I think that it ticks all of the boxes and more besides.
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