Lancaster / Blackpool / Preston

Have to visit Blackpool in early February, thought I would ride down from Lancaster via the Lancaster canal and then the coastal route to Preston. Any suggestions or known routes? I expect to be Blackpool less than an hour.


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Lancashire coast
Hi Cush. The canal route can be muddy at that time of year and will take you closer to Preston than Blackpool, if that's where you are going first. There is a nice route following the Lancashire Cycleaway ( which will take you from Lancaster to the edge of Blackpool. You could then rejoin that as it heads off towards Preston, or as you say follow the coast route through Lytham. Enjoy.
Thanks for the replys, If time and weather permits I will visit Fleetwood.
There's supposed to be an excellent fish and chip shop in Fleetwood though i forget its name.
I have taken the Knott End ferry with the bike and then along the prom to Blackpool. Nice ride.
Did you do the ride cush?
Any impressions?
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