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Can you suggest a laptop carrying solution?

Currently I'm using a Carradice Bike Bureau, but I'd like to have something more like a rackpack, as I think that might improve the aerodynamics/speed.

Laptop in question is a MacBook, 13.3" screen, sleeve dimensions 36cm(14")x25cm(10").


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Anyone got any ideas for something suitable to carry a laptop with 17" screen sur velo and not sur velo?


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I use an Ortleib Office Bag with their laptop insert.

It is very easy to get it on and off a bike rack, but very secure once mounted; and the insert protects the laptop really well - mine has survived several crashes. The bag looks reasonable and I happily take it into work meetings without anyone raising an eyebrow.

The bag used to come in wide and narrow versions. Although the website only shows a wide one now, I'm sure my LBS had the narrow one when I last went in.

It might just take a 17" laptop. Mine's 15" and there's about an inch and a half of spare space.


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I decided against getting the Altura bag because the rack fixings didn't have any kind of locking mechanism to keep it on the rack, and I was a bit paranoid that it might come off if you hit a pothole. Also it used to be quite a lot heavier than the Ortleib bag - but may well have been improved since I last looked at one.

But I take it User that you've had no problems.


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It is probably 2 or 3 years since I looked at one in any detail, so they have obviously improved the design since then.


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I have the same Altura as User, and would give it a luke warm vote.

A Dell M1210 (similar size to the 13.1" Mac) fits in perfectly inside a Gimp Crumpler. However I have a few critisms:

1) It's not big enough, there's enough room for laptop, shirt, a few cables, charger and Montane Featherlite Velo, but that's it. If you want to take a cable lock, carry lights, a pump, or take some paperwork or a book, a fleece you've got nowhere to put it. Even with a minimum amount inside the single clasp appears to be straining!

2) The zip covering the rack mount are like most Altura zips, cr@p IMHO. Mine failed after a few weeks use.

3) There's no padding over the rack mount so if carrying you have pannier hook digging in to your waist. A copy of the Metro helps, but only if the zip isn't as (2)

4) I've lost it off the back of the bike a couple of times (speed humps), sometimes the vertical bars on the rack can press in the sprung pannier lugs, and there is then nothing to stop it sliding backwards!

5) It doesn't have a rear light clip.

If I had the time again I'd buy Ortlieb!

YMMV - Rufus.
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