Le Grand Départ 2019.

Discussion in 'Pro Cycling (Road and Track Racing)' started by BalkanExpress, 1 Aug 2018.

  1. BalkanExpress

    BalkanExpress Veteran

    Now that the Tour is over, it’s time to look forward to next year:smile:

    The team time trial (stage 2) is passing my front door, weather permitting there will be a BBQ and beers and an open invitation to CCers who are over for the weekend. :cheers:
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  2. I was looking at the potential of travelling to Brussels last night; will give you a shout if I decide to go :okay:
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  3. GuyBoden

    GuyBoden Fat, old bloke, on an old bike, pedalling slowly.

    Chris Boardman has left ITV4 TdF.
    I enjoyed his technical contributions and humour.
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  4. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    Hmmm.....if I can get the leave.....
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  5. Bollo

    Bollo Failed Tech Bro

    @StuAff - depending on funds and no-deal travel issues I was wondering about either riding somehow or sharing the driving with a friend of mine who’s just bought a particularly dodgy-looking campervan. The plans are very fluid ATM but diverting via Pompey to pick you up would be no problem I’m sure.

    @BalkanExpress if you’re serious about an open house then I’m more than interested. Stu will vouch for me won’t your Stu? Stu?! Stu??!!!
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  6. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Wonder how big the house is? :whistle:
  7. OP

    BalkanExpress Veteran

    The spare room is already reserved for @Specialeyes, Mrs Eyes and the Eyelets, but I am happy to feed and water people on the Sunday,

    I am assuming that @StuAff has his usual emergency accommodation sorted.:B). only joking Stu. Just mind the tram tracks.
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  8. Specialeyes

    Specialeyes Über Member

    Woohoo! :cheers:
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