Lead acid batteries

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I usually, like my mobile, "kill" the battery once a week, batteries are better now than they used to be, they seem to have been able to by-pass the batteries "memory", but I still do it 'cos that's how I was taught.


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User76 said:
I have 2 sets of SMART lights, both the same, it's easier not to have to change the bracket and lights etc. They run on lead acid batteries. Can anyone remind me, should I discharge the battery fully before re-charging, or is it fine to re-charge a partially discharged battery.

It's getting to that time of year when I will need them again.

"Lead acid batteries (as used in cars, and many power tools) not only do not need full cycle charge and discharge, but can be substantially damaged (at least insofar as forshortening their life) if allowed to ever fully discharge."

taken from here http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=7663

don`t see an issue recharging but if they are left for any length of time then they are going to be goosed anyway.

Tim Bennet.

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Lead Acid batteries are very different beasts to any form of dry cell. They like to have a small partial discharge and then be immediately recharged. That's why they are so good for car starting: Modern cars hardly touch the capacity of their batteries before they fire up and start recharging.

Even what are called 'Deep Cycle' wet cells (such as on milk floats and golf carts) shouldn't be taken below half charge if they are to have a maximum life (a rested, no load charge of 12.2 V is the limit of how far down you should discharge them - 12.6 V is full).

So be nice to your battery: Don't over discharge it and always recharge it however little use it has had.
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