Lead passenger..beware!


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My Husband & I booked a holiday a few weeks back with Olympic Holidays To celebrate his retirement & the big birthday. I went on line, keyed in the booking & paid with my bank card. I put his name first the same way I would write Mr before Mrs. That made him the lead passenger. Then, last Wednesday he retired, Thursday was the party, Friday, his birthday and Saturday was the heart attack. I tried to cancel the holiday. Did what they told me & sent an email stating why I was canceling the holiday & not the lead passenger. I told them my husband was in hospital & is incapable of canceling in person. I have just received an email back today saying they are sorry he is not well but need to hear from him personally. I then did a bit of research & found out that I could actually book a holiday & pay for it but if the lead passenger wants, they can removed me from that booking and replace me with someone else. There has to be something not right with that!


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I'm so sorry to hear about your husband - I hope he makes a full recovery.
Could you take a mobile into hospital when he feels up to it and get him to speak to them briefly, or would they accept a letter from his hospital doctor saying he is not well enough to speak to them at the moment?
It seems a bit harsh that they are asking for personal contact!


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Oh I wish I could say something useful or helpfull. Sometimes the rules just seem to deliberately wrap things up in knots for little apparent reason.
So sorry for you and hope mr gottogetfit gets well soon.

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Sorry to hear about your hubby, hope you get it sorted swiftly, you have enough to worry about as it is :hugs:
Sorry to hear about your husband.

The situation is unfortunate but perhaps not that unusual. I have a credit card and my wife has a second card for the account. The CC company won't speak to her on any matters with it. Same with the phone Company - she is 'the bill payer' so they won't deal with me.


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Sorry to hear about your cancellation.

My advice would be to contact the company but take it up a notch - supervisor, manager, customer service. It is unacceptable to impose conditions like this when someone is incapacitated and any reasonable person would see this - you probably spoke to a junior working from a script.

Also, I'm sorry but "lead passenger" sounds like bollix to me in this particular circumstance - I mean, most people plan and pay for their holidays jointly and given that you're actually married there's no way they can't take your word for what's happening. Perhaps your insurer can help with back-up.

And I've just read that YOU paid for it - they really need this rubbed in - and your credit card company might help too.

EDIT: when I say sounds like bollix, I don't mean it's the company's bollix not that you are making it up/overreacting which you're not @gottogetfit! I hope your husband gets well soon.

EDIT again I DO mean it's the company's bollix, sigh
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Have to say I would still think about a letter to the boss saying to get his act together. You could have done without this at such a stressful time. Hope the patient is well!
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