Left Side Garmin Out Front Mount?


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Does anyone know of an out front mount for a Garmin which sits on the left of the stem rather than the right? The only one I've found so far is the extended version by Garmin for the 1000. There was a zipp one too but I think that was for TT bars and I'm not sure if it would fit.

I prefer to have both my lights mounted on the right of the stem but I'm hesitant to spend £30 to push them back to where they were before the Garmin mount displaced them right.

young Ed

the one for the thousand should work, i'm pretty sure it still works on a quarter turn mount system. although if you aren't keen on having it pushed out a bit further than not sure sorry
Cheers Ed


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You could put your existing mount on the left and Have it facing in not out, it will have the unit on top of the stem

Obviously no good if you particularly want it out front
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