Leicester: A426 down to 1 lane...

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Maz, 3 Dec 2007.

  1. Maz

    Maz Legendary Member

    Ping 'Pat Pending'...you do this stretch of the Blaby bypass, right?

    Westbound this a.m. it was down to 1 lane (road works). I was struggling to keep my pace up on this stretch, with cars biting my heels (70mph rd, as you know).

    Are you bypassing the bypass? Going via Leicester Rd/Enderby Rd?
  2. PatrickPending

    PatrickPending Guru

    Hi! Today I'm on my hols, usually hit the A426 at 6.15am - fairly quiet then. Normally go south from blaby then onto A426 for about 1Km then turn off to Cosby and then to sunny coventry - are the roadworks further up? Advance warning for tomorrow would be good - guess I could go via countesthorpe.

    Hope its ok for you going back!

    oh looking at the map I dont use that bit - I just cross at the roundabout on the bottom on my way home. Enderby road/ leics road I cyce along on my way home - a good choice for an alternative!
  3. OP

    Maz Legendary Member

    Thanks for the info, Pat. And have a good day off!
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