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I am a novice / couch potato looking to build up to LEJOG by Spring 2020.
Any training plans or suggested sites to go look for them would be really welcome!


Small steps to begin with and gradually build up. Too much too soon and you will get discouraged.
And don't neglect that couch - recovery between rides is just as important.


Accra, Ghana
Hello and welcome to the forum.
If you're overweight you need to sort out a diet. Find one that appeals and stick to it. You won't loose weight by cycling alone.
As above start the cycling with short trips that you can enjoy and build it up and use it to go shopping as well. Your legs will feel it at first but you'll get used to it.
Make sure you have a comfortable position on the bike. As a guide to saddle height your leg should be more or less straight when seated with the pedal at six o'clock.
Anything else you need to know just ask.
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