Lets get more people cycling


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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently researching into how we all interact with bikes, and whether there are ways to encourage more road users to hope on bicycles instead of driving. Below is a short questionnaire taking approximately 3 minutes, that I would love for you to all fill in and pass on to family and friends. You must be over 18 to complete the document. All participants will remain anonymous.

As a design student, I want to encourage those that find cycling uncomfortable understand why they feel this way. I've spoken to a lot of sources who have mentioned how they never really understood how to use gears efficiently, this is one example I have been considering. Anyway, if you could just spare 3 minutes to help a lovely fellow out, that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Questionnaire Link



P.S. If you do have any questions or points you want to suggest please comment below, have a great day!


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Not all cyclists are bicycle riders.


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sort out the attitude of other road users and the rest will follow
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