Lewisham - Bromley Commuting route?


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Hi all,

Just thought I'd tap into the collective wisdom of the SE London commuters to get some ideas of good cycle routes for Lewisham/Bromley.

Did a bit of a reccie following the cycle path signs on Monday, but that either took me on footpaths or on goat tracks. Great for a leisurely Sunday ride, but not ideal for the race into work.

Last year was doing 30 miles a day commuting (from Sutton), although now the most direct route along the A2012 seems to be only 4/5 of miles there and back. Havent been in the saddle for a few months now, but would like to be able to gradually build up to a decent distance into work.

Grateful for any suggestions :wacko:



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I do the Lewisham Bromley route twice a day 5 days a week. And a good few others on here do too. Looky here. Quickest route is along the A21. It's the most direct route. Not too bad with the traffic either as the majority of it is bus lanes. Travelling north towards Lewisham you can get a good speed up, only interupted by the traffic lights. A good workout on the way back climbing Bromley Hill.

EDIT: If you are looking for a Sunday Morning stretch of the legs. The Cycle Chat Bromley Massive usualy meets at the Dripping Tap in Bromley at 8.40am most sundays for a spin to Hyde Park and back. A fairly quick 40/50 miler Check this thread. You are more then welcome to join us.


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Second the A21 - don't bother with any of the cycle routes. You'll get more pu$%£res, and chance getting a mugging from the chavs that hang out along waterlink way for example.


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Thanks for the suggestions guys, will give the A21 a bash tomorrow then. Looks like it will be just over a 4 mile trip each way... First commute for the year, hopefully Bromley hill isn't as tough as Shortlands hill - was always great to have that to look forward to for the last mile of a 15 mile commute.

Ian - the Bromley massive sounds great, would like to be involved, however, need to build my base level of fitness up first - currently get out of breath just walking up the stairs to work :laugh:

Would rocking up with a beat up Langster single speed result in a hiding to nothing? It's a faithful stead, but not the fastest filly in the paddock so to speak :rofl:

Are there any routes around Bromley or beyond you'd recommend if I want to extend my commute? Would like to get back to cycling 15-20 miles each way - beats spending an hour in the gym on the treadmill :biggrin:

BentMikey - Have to say was disappointed with the cycle paths I have found so far, not comfortable being on a footpath even tho designated as a shared path. Also found they they tend to end suddenly on a busy dual carriageway with no cycle lane... Kinda seems crazy to me... Will keep a watchout for waterlink way - havent heard of it before, I don't think I'd pass it though, as I am actually in Hither Green.

Is Lewisham/Catford area relatively safe to cycle through at night? Had a few interesting moments in Croydon - just wondering if I need to apply the same diligence around these parts?



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Lewisham/Catford at night is not a problem..... if you keep cycling. :evil::wacko::laugh:

If you are cycling from Hither Green to Lewisham. You could always extend your route to Rotherhithe and Surrey Quays. It's flat 8 mile approx route from Lewisham and back. It's what I do most days to add miles to my commute.

Lewisham Rotherhithe Loop
Lewisham, Catford, Bellingham...even New cross and Brixton.

never had an issue at night and never felt insecure.

BUT, as B.Mikey & others have said, stick to the main roads (or just the roads) not the paths, avoid the dark back alleys.

I run the A21 route a few times a week as well, through Lewisham. Bromley hill gives you a massive boost in the A.M (heading out) as it allows some real 30mph + riding for a fair long stretch...going home I find it a drag as its pretty much up hill all the way from Ladywell to Bromley North... and thats just at the end of my journey home.

Sounds like a few of us will be seeing you on your travels


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Still surprised we haven't bumped into each other after all this time Johnny.. then again I have forgotten what you are riding..lol
ianrauk said:
then again I have forgotten what you are riding..lol

Ouch!!!...you leave poor old chitty alone;)

Planning to try a bit of a first next week, I "Hope" to ride in EVERY day for the whole week...never done that before so not sure how it will work out. I have been practicing riding a lot slower (sounds odd) and aiming at 17-15 mph. But I just find rolling at about 20mph seems to suit my gearing and legs and so I end up getting home knackered and sturggling more a couple of days later (always the day after the next). I never..ever struggle to ride in.... just out.(Grrrrrbromleyhillrrrr)

So, perhaps you'll see me "poodling" along the A21 next week (only came in once this week due to work commitments taking me all over the south east).

Tall bloke (not ginger at all, despite the avitar) Dark hair, wide shoulders, usually in a black Enduro gillet (or with sleeves if its chilly) and baggy'ish black shorts, Black lid with a muvi strapped above the visor (or maybe just the bracket depending on whether i forgot to charge it up the night before). Shiny alloy MTB with white front forks (Judy's) red side walled armadillos and SPD MTB shoes......there's a Pic of my boat, on my profile page.

This is starting to sound like a dating site:sad:
Oh.P.S...I ride about 7.30 going out (Hitting bromley hill around 7.35) and around 6.30 on the way home...I think your times differ a bit which may explain the lesser spotted variation.

do you wear a bandana..I may have riden next to you on Widmore road one morning...is your bike red?


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ok will watch out for you.. lol..
I am on a grey Spesh Secteur. Usually all in black, no hi vis & no lid but a Buff pirate style (CC one today) & DHB ruck sack..

Edit: Red.. pfft get outta here ;)
7.30 Bromley Hill.. yep about same time as me, though I usually join the A21 from where Macdonalds is..
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