Lezyne - Lite Drive 1000XL - Matt Black


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The light? if so then yes - quite a good light, but in common with a number of them on the market at the moment too many output & flash settings to cycle through if you need to dim it for oncoming traffic and then restore it back to the original setting. Thankfully there is an option to set it up with just low and high output and switch between them. Can also be had with an external bettery to extend the run time. The rubber band mounting seems to be secure and fits most size bars so you can transfer it quite quickly between bikes.


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Not used one but did look at some reviews recently when I was in the market for a new light. As above, far too many modes to scroll through. The option to switch between high and low sounds good, until you find that high is 1000L and low is 150L :ohmy:... I found something else (ETC Kochab 1000)
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