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    Lidl Toolkit: £19.99

    There's probably a few of us got these now, so if you'd like your own comments included PM them to me and I'll edit it in. Might prove useful for people when they come out again next year.

    So, very much written from the home amateur DIY perspective. I bought it because it contains a number of tools I don't have but don't use very often. Quality throughout the kit is variable from reasonable to could be better. I haven't used some of the tools but of the ones I have:-

    Reasonable stuff: Pedal spanner, cone spanners, sockets, spanners, chain tool, cassette removers, screwdriver, adjustable, chain whip
    Could be better: Allen keys, PR kit and levers, crank extractor.

    I'd supplement the Allen keys with a decent set straight away. I haven't used any of the BB stuff but I did use the cassete remover and chain whip. Both did the job, though you couldn't hold the cassette tool on with the QR skewer, so you have to be careful it doesn't slip.

    The box is useful but the cheap plastic pressing that holds the tools doesn't look like it will last too long and a few plastic lugs have already broken. Nevertherless it's a neat little box.

    All in all it's already been useful to me and as stuff breaks you can replace it with better quality, so if you don't have some of these tools and only need them occasionally it's a good buy. One thing it does lack is a cable cutter but at this price it's unlikely to be any good if it did have one.

    Edit: 1 year on and I still find it extremely useful. The only tool that has failed is the chain link extractor. Even the box is holding up better than I thought. Good value.
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