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I was in London on Friday night and indulged in a bit of post-curry channel flicking in my hotel room. I stumbled onto what I thought was an amazingly subtle, completely hilarious send up about a rock band and was in stitches with it, not as in "ha ha" lauging out loud but more like being mightily amused and tickled. It was a scream watching three over-sensitive souls going on about the difficulties of intra-band relationships, the split and then reconciliation.

Now I never took much notice of Blur when they were around and so completely failed to recognise Damon Albarn until one of the other two actually used his name. Then it dawned on me that it was no BAFTA-winning satirical spoof but a genuine documentary about the trials and tribulations of being in Blur, culminating in some reunion concerts in Hyde Park.

Ooops! The odd thing was that I then felt a bit guilty about having been so richly amused at what was obvoiusly meant to be a sympathetic hearing. Now I'm back to sniggering and seeing why Oasis wiped the floor with them.

There's got to be a moral in here somewhere but I'll be buggered if I know what it is ...
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