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Shipped from China... legitimate? What do you honestly think?

Tim Bennet.

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Maybe I'm missing something glaringly obvious

It's a site that's a portal for goods made in China. These are either from the same factory as the original stuff, but are being sold 'out of the back door' in contravention of their contract, or they are copies made in a different facility.

Either way, it's up to you to work out your moral stance vis à vis this sort of stuff. For me, as I despise the whole merchandise industry, I choose to wear plain, unbranded clothing. Wanting to flaunt the brand, but being unwilling to pay the price, seems odd.
Have a look at comments on their YouTube channel - many unhappy customers - goods not arriving, no refunds, poor quality, delays, seized by customs as counterfeits etc. They claim to ship 10,000 articles a week and perhaps 50 or so complaints is not that great - but is it worth it?
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