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Three items on offer, prices include postage, pictures here, if anyone wants all three items then I'll do for £60 posted:-

£30 - Tyres - Pair of On-One smorgasboard folding 29er tyres

£24 - Pump - Topeak Turbo Morph never used and with all supplied parts

£30 - Front Light - one of the super bright imports, I think it's 1500 claimed lumens, original battery faulty so they sent new one and in meantime I got the original repaired with help on here. Light itself is in Mickey Mouse with a main light and two smaller ears. Three settings via remote button and both batteries have cases with velcro straps for attachment. Plus there is a long connecting/extension cable, idea was to be able to mount both batteries with one further away and the extra lead to bridge the distance gap. Light mounts to bars via O-rings pack supplied and all parts are in full working order, as of earlier this evening, and never used. I think it all came to about £60 in the end. I can't vouch for the brightness compared to other super bright lights but certainly knocks a Supernova Triple or a Fenelux L2D into touch. I think the battery life is about two hours per on full but having only used in test in garage I can't confirm that.
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You able to stick a pic of the light in here? Can't get flikr to load on my phone and wife likes to see what I intend to buy before I can get it
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