Lights....can you get wind up ones?

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I have a terrific wind-up torch I got from Woolies for £7.50. You wind it up absent-mindedly, then it lasts for hours, and is really bright. Yesterday (as mentioned in another thread) I got caught out without lights on my bike, and had to walk for a bit, as it was a bit dangerous. Now I'm the sort of person who will never get round to buying batteries for stuff, so wind up things (radio, and this torch) are a boon! Can you get decent wind-up front lights for a bike? I'm only really likely to need it for 1-2 hours every so often, given my usual cycling habits. The torch I have is small, lightweight, powerful, and like I said, lasts for a decent time. A bike light like this would be marvellous. Back lights no probs, as the batts are small and seem to last for ever. Any ideas folks?


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Not small and certainly not pretty but there are a few out there.

try this

or this
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