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OK, it's getting to that time of year where I'm sure we are all thinking of getting our lights out of storage. But I have given my old front light away, as I felt they were too big and heavy. And I'm looking to replce my front with something small and light!!

They are only needed as a warning light, as I bike on cycle paths which are lit. So I'm looking for some nice LED's

I was thinking of getting the Cateye EL410, but have just come across these, smart LED rechargeables has any one seen these in real life/ used them? How bright are they?
Light's ?

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I don't know about that SMART light but I've got a couple of Pollaris's and they are good lights. I've also bought the HL410, as I wanted an emergency light that could fit on the flats aero section of the drops on the Bianchi and I've been really impressed with it. It seems to brighter but that might just be new light/battery effect, it has good sideways visibility and it nice and compact. Don't know about the claims to be waterproof up to 50m. :smile:
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