Like new carrera tdf w/ shamano tourney groupset for £150?


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Is this a fair price to buy a second hand carrera tdf. Buyer says its hardly been used and it appears from the pictures to be in very good condition. However, it is one of the later models with the tourney groupset, which I've heard can be quite flimsy and prone to break.

Is £150 a fair price to pay for this bike? And how much would I be looking at paying if I were to upgrade the groupset at somepoint down the line?




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It's a starter bike - and about £150 if hardly used is OK but is at the very top end of the price range. They're not much more new though.

Upgrading probably isn't worth it; the wheelset isn't built to cope with anything about 7 speed usually.


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@oceanman as per @DCLane comments

i like them and they make an ideal run around bike , word of warning the 3 or 4 i have experienced have always needed some grease on the wheel bearings as it seems to have been missed in production

re upgrade the world is your oyster but you have to remember it is what it is and you are unlikely ever to get much more for it
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