Lions' teeth

same around here , I mentioned this to mrs roadrash yesterday, they are everywhere


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I've seen REAL lion's teeth, up unexpectedly close as well!

I was out running out in the Pennines (Lancs/W. Yorks border) near to my home and was ascending an off-road track heading up to a ridge where the last farm (first if you were going the other way) of that region is positioned when I heard a low growling which worried me immediately. The mist was down so I didn't see it properly until I was right on top of it but there was a proper, full-grown male lion!

Of course, I told all my running pals of the time who dismissed my ridiculous story as fabricated nonsense. Until about a month later when I delighted in reading them out a story in our local newspaper which stated the owner of the very farm I'd ran on to - well I had to, the public right of way crossed it - had been prosecuted for keeping a dangerous animal, contrary to the wild animals act or some such, namely a lion in a cage, on his property.


They’re well suited to climate change because of all the fossil fuel combustion engines becoming ever more popular.
You can eat Dandelion leaves, supposed to be some decent minerals in them so I’ve read.


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I cycled past a cage of lions in South Africa one day during a ride out with a shop called Cycle Lab. About 200 riders congregate at dawn on summer Sundays all wearing the identical blue shop jersey and ride off into into the Highvelt in groups for protection from the mad minibus taxis. Out near a place called The Cradle of Humankind we passed a large caged enclosure with a smell of rotting meat around it and suddenly there was a loud roar of a lion. The effect on the tidy line of riders was comical as it veered and wavered as people looked over their shoulders in surprise.

On the same ride I had the odd experience of riding with a huge group of motorcyclists; there had been an accident so a passing group on about 50 huge American bikes slowed down and swallowed me up and I found myself riding in a static pool of very hot air that smelled of oil and exhaust fumes, feeling a bit naked in lycra surrounded by black leather, dragged along faster and faster by the noisy peloton. A strange day altogether.


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And of course Dandelion and Burdock,


I hadn't heard them called Lions Teeth before.
They are a cheerful and colourful sight.
And very good for bees, which is why I have stopped removing them when weeding the garden.


I’ve never heard them called lions teeth either, there are lots here too but most look like this now. I had loads in the garden but we now have some chickens, they love eating dandelion flowers
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