Liverpool F.C.

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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
I was in Hong Kong Airport yesterday to catch a plane back to Vietnem and saw sea of red at one side of the arrivals hall. Found out that they were local supporters of Liverpool waiting for the team to arrive. It was fun actually as I had plenty of time to spare so got myself a pint and sat there listening to the crownd singing the Liverpool favorite songs, quite touching when you are so far from home. When they arived it was good to see some of the faces that are normally only on the TV for me. The only down side for me was that they turned up wearing rather smart but BLACK suits, I'd have thought there would have been some red in their outfits, but no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Smutmaster General
Did they later find several planes with wheels missing, propped up on bricks? (:biggrin: Only joking, Liverpudlians!) I love that HK could lamost live in it! :biggrin:


I know how it feels being soo far and something hits there - and you think 'god dammit'.......

Still, Steven Gerrard in his teens was a 'local scally'..bit of a bad lad when he was younger: football seemed to save the he's the locale poseur' :biggrin: - sadly a sperm made it like so many others in this case. I once attended a relatives mens hair saloon (more like) in a quiet area...

Seemed to be very defensive of her family member...

Oh well - the way of the world......
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