Locations for Olympic Road cycling (28th - Mens)


the tank engine
I've been trying to find out information on spots of the men's cycling this Saturday. I've found this map, and lots of information on Surrey...but I'd like to see it, ideally, between Richmond park and The Mall (I know I can't see it at The Mall).

Does anyone have any advice on where to go, or is it pretty much anywhere...are there any better maps/websites with information??


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If you have some experience of Racing you will know they are gone in a flash.
Best to position yourself on a hill or corner to get the best out of it, not much in the way of hills though.
How about positioning yourself close to Richmond gate, watching them come up the hill in Richmond park on the way out. Stroll down into Richmond for the afternoon and then back to Richmond gate to see them come back via Kingston gate.

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I'd planned to drive over from Essex, leave the M25 near Leatherhead and park as close to the Box Hill loop as possible. Having had dire warnings from one or two characters on another forum, I decided I'd better check out what's possible. Basically, if you haven't a bike or you don't want walk 4 miles, it appears you're stuffed. For example, the village of Headley is full of little lanes and places where one could have parked, but the entire village and every lane will be "no parking".

If anybody with some local knowledge could tell me of some sort of place where I could park within half a mile and walk, that would be great.

A bike would be ideal of course, but the old legs don't do cycling any longer - and I haven't a working machine.
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