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Hi! I need a bit of advice and help. i've been roped into a charity challange in June, and I'm clashing a bit with the other members of it!

Basically, every year out local pub picks a charity and does events throughout the year to raise money for that charity. In the past they have done things like the 3 peaks, caladonian way, west highland way, etc... and I've always wanted to do it with them, but never been able to.

This year I am doing it with them, and they've picked a bugger of a challenge! 3 parts, Ben Nevis on foot, kayak the caladonian canal from Fort William to Inverness, then cycle back to Inverness -in 48 hours! Now I don't think its possible, but we are going to give it a crack, I think the kayak part will take just too long! The problem I have is the cycle back. Now if they want to do this in the quickest time possible I've suggested the B road down Loch Ness, them switching to tow paths/cycle route/whatever (not keen on going onto the A82) for the 2nd half. They want to hit the tracks around Loch Ness with Mountain bikes. There is talk of them doing this in the dark! Personally I fell this is too dangerous for a bunch of novice cyclists, and would take way too long, and that we should at least use the B road around Loch Ness to get off to a good start.

None of use have ever cycled any of these routes before, although most of them have kayaked this route on a previous challenge. Any help anyone can give on the layout, routes, best plans, etc... for this area would be great!


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We did the section from Drumnadrochit to Fort Bill on our Jogle. Didn't find the A82 too bad but tourist coaches and logging trucks can be a problem. We tried the off-road path from Fort Augustus but found it a bit rough on a tourer. It would be Ok on an MTB. If riding at night I think you'd be Ok on the road with decent lights. It didn't start getting busy until about 11am. We turned off at the Commando memorial and used the B road next to the canal. Another alternative from Inverness is General Wade's military road to the south of Loch Ness, though it's a long drag of a climb.


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Sounds like an awesome challenge - but kayaking the Caledonian Canal?! You do realise that it's ~60 miles? :O

I'd echo what @Big T said above; the A82 is not great - but it's not necessarily terrible either. Personally, I'd take the B road to the southern shore of Loch Ness - although it is considerably hillier.
After Fort Augustus I'd follow the canal towpath (which does not have a good surface) to Aberchalder - from there I'd probably end up risking the A82, there doesn't appear to be much in the way of alternatives!


Thanks for your replies all.

The lads that I'm doing it with have done the kayak bit by itself before, and they believe that we can do that in 16 hours, IF the weather is right (flat calm or tail wind).

Wades military road, B road, around Loch Ness may well be the route we end up taking. Some of the lads are put off by the steep climb, but they have mountain bikes and I have a road bike so thats their problem! Haha!

I've just also purchased a CycloCross bike, I take delivery of it on Saturday. I'll be using that for the no-road bits, I may even use it for the road bits if I like it - its a Halfords special, Carrera Tanneri, £300, don't think I could go wrong for that price - http://www.halfords.com/cycling/bik...eri-limited-edition-cyclocross-bike-2015-blue. Not seen any reviews for it, but my road bike is a Carrera and I've had no problems with that.

If its ok with people, I'd like to post a link to our just giving page - were doing it all in aid of a childrens cancer charity - Clic Sargent.
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