Lock recommendations for bike <£100

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I've just paid Mr Ebay £40 for a second-hand round-town bike. I anticipate it will need new cables and brake pads and stuff (I'm hoping it won't need new wheels ...) which will increase my outlay slightly, but even so I don't really want to spend the same again on a lock. What would you guys recommend (budget and/or specific recommendations) for a lock?

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Interested in this too.

what are the pro's and con's of solid tyle like D-lock over a cable lock?


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For actual theft-protection, cable locks are utterly worthless. But for a £40 bike, you might decide it's more cost-effective to buy a £4 cheese lock as a deterrent just against casual 'borrowing' and simply replace the bike if it gets nicked. In that case, a market-stall cable-lock would be as good as any.


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I'd get that £10 squire I think it is D-lock, dunno my LBS has them and has no website. I wouldn't be getting abus granit 61 or new york 3000 etc (I have the latter).


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The way I would look at it, is not how much I paid for the bike, but how much it is worth to me. Ben Lovejoy is right - a cable lock is not really a deterrent against bike thieves. If you want one don't pay more than £1, the ones sold at various Pound shops are as good/bad as any IMHO.

I would probably go for some form of D lock, perhaps something like this, £9 incl p&p. Some large supermarkets sell similar for similar price too.
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