London Fashion Week - Heels and Wheels


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As part of London Fashion Week, there is a cycling fashion show being held on Columbia Road in east London from 6pm tomorrow, February the 14th.

I realise it may come as a shock to you to find out that I'm not some kind of fashion guru myself, but my Wife runs a small jewellery and accessories boutique called 'Cerise' on Columbia road, and along with most of the other shopowners there, will be opening for the evening (Most of the shops normally only open on the Sunday to coincide with the flower market).

Much as I'd like to check out a dapper cycling outfit from Dashing Tweeds, I won't be attending myself as I have to hold the fort at home with the children as of course my considerably more stylish Wife will be there manning the shop.

Anyway, I'd just thought I'd mention it in case anybody nearby fancied having a look a some cycling gear without any flourescent yellow on it, and of course in case anybody wished to purchase some stylish and desirable jewellery for a loved one on Valentine's day from my Wife's shop... :smile: *cough*

I think Velorution is involved with it as well. I'm guessing they'll have some photos up on their blog after it's all over...


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that is disgusting :smile:

ok if you're doing london-brighton on a penny farthing but honestly… :smile:
If any of it is like this then i'll be giving it a miss...


That's just wrong! :smile:
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