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Hi all, I just signed up for next years L2B.

Only after signing up did I find out that bikes aren't permitted on the trains. Has anyone done this ride and how did you plan it all?

I live in the North West and had planned to stay in Brighton in my campervan and catch the train to London.

It seems odd that there is no organised shuttle transport etc.

Any ideas gratefully received!


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In the past, I've parked the car near Clapham Common, and ridden there and back, either on the same day, or after a night in the Travelodge.
Your problem is slightly different in that the campervan will be at the Brighton end.

Maybe Park half way, and ride 25miles to the start, then similar after l2b?


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If it’s the BHF ride, I’m sure I read you can buy a bike collection service somewhere.

We did it Sunday, it was a faff, but we stayed in London on Saturday night left bikes in hotel, drove to Brighton, left a car in Brighton earlier on Saturday, train to London, cycled to Brighton, drove home.


Similar to CarlP when I did it years ago, you spend the Saturday getting your car to Brighton and your bike in London (I left mine in the office) and then Sunday you just need to cycle to the start and your away.

The train companies couldnt cope with 20000 or however many it is bikes to get back, so they ban them completely.

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I stayed the night in Brighton then cycled back to London the next day via pub lunch. Met one other guy doing the same in the mist on Ditchling Beacon and we cycled the rest of the way together till we split at Clapham Common.


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next but it doesn't look updated for next year yet.

Edit to add: I think the bike ban didn't apply to trains from Uckfield this year. It's 20 miles from Brighton up Cycle Route 90 (A270) to Lewes then back roads. That might help some.
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Thank you for the responses. I didn't realise there were coaches that could be booked (I have used this service on other rides). hopefully this will be the same for 2020.
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It also depends on your train company. South West Trains have no issue with taking bikes on the day. It's southern and south eastern that get all grumpy about it.
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