Londoner saying hello :)

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Charlie Potatoes, 24 Jul 2012.

  1. Charlie Potatoes

    Charlie Potatoes New Member

    Alright ladies and gents? Just thought I'd say hello before I began posting. Hopefully I've joined a friendly community that can offer sound advice.

    Have a good evening all.

  2. Pat "5mph"

    Pat "5mph" A kilogrammicaly challenged woman Moderator

    :welcome: CP, good evening to you too!
  3. skudupnorth

    skudupnorth Cycling Skoda lover

    Ow do ! Welcome to the site and enjoy :welcome:
  4. Berties

    Berties Fast and careful!

    welcome along Charlie:welcome:
  5. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    London is bigger than all of the north :-)

    Where abouts are you from newbie?
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  6. OP
    Charlie Potatoes

    Charlie Potatoes New Member

    East London, Mile End, but for the last year or so I've been in Bromley. You?

    Thanks for the welcome :smile:
  7. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    I live in Iver, South Bucks, but work up town. Currently train to paddington and then use my beater bike to go visit my customers. Will be riding in East London on Friday as I have an installation to do at GlobalSwitch house E14
  8. Part time cyclist

    Part time cyclist Über Member

    Good evening and welcome to the forum from kent
  9. slowmotion

    slowmotion Quite dreadful

    lost somewhere
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